Autism is a wide Spectrum Disorder. That’s why no two children with autism will have exactly the same challenges. On the Spectrum ,some maybe mild, moderate or severe depending on the level of functionality. A child with autism feels love, happiness, sadness and pain just like you, we shouldn’t ignore them just because some of them may not express their feelings the way we do. Generally children living with autism have one, two or three of challenges in Behavior, Communication and Social interactions. Few RED FLAGS to look out are little or no eye contact, little to no verbal communication, restricted interests and activities, repetitive behaviors such as rocking or flapping or arm, delayed speech and language, sensory issues ,sleep difficulties and so on. During the Long vacation, we shall be taking some parents and teachers to Johannesburg, South Africa for one week Intensive Hand’s on Training at Autism South Africa visit the training section on the website to sign up for the training, as you’ll learn the TEACCH and PECS Approach for a better management of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Written By Indianavon  Dangaru

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