CAS is also know as AOS Apraxia of Speech.

It is a neurological disorder that affects the brain pathways involved in producing Speech.

The brain knows what it wants to say , but cannot properly plan and sequence the required Speech sound movement.

  • The severity varies from child to child.
  • It is Speech sound disorder that affects pronunciation and articulation of words with many syllables.
  • It is present from birth,and so it is not the same as developmental delay in speech.
  • Children with AOS usually have distorting sounds.
  • It can be noticed between the ages of 18months and 4.
  • Children with AOS have delays in intellectual and motor development as well as problems with reading, spelling and writing.
  • Children with AOS makes inconsistent errors in speech and usually do not place the Speech structures; the tongue and jaw in the right position during articulation and speech production.
  • Incorrect use of prosody; characterized by making errors in tone,stress or rhythm.
  • Children with AOS easily Omits or Substitute Sounds for example saying ” fum” instead of “thumb”, ” wabbit ” instead of “rabbit”, ” Tup” instead of “Cup”, ” doo” instead of “zoo” “ting” instead of “sting” etc.
  • AOS or CAS can be managed with Intensive one-on-one therapy and personal attention.


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