• Down Syndrome is a genetic condition caused by a partial or full third copy of Chromosome 21.
  • It is named after the British Doctor, John  Langdon Down.
  • It is of 3Types : Trisomy 21, Translocation  and Mosaicism.
  • The likelihood of giving birth to a child with Down syndrome increases with maternal age.
  • Down Syndrome is incurable, but treatable using  different Therapy approach of Physical,  Occupational, Emotional,  Behavioural and Speech Therapies.
  • Down Syndrome can be diagnosed or detected in pregnant women by a blood test,  ultrasound or cell-free fetal DNA,  Amniocentesis,  Chronic  Villus Sampling (CVS)  and Cordocentesis.
  • Children with Down Syndrome can benefit from quality educational programs in a stimulating School / home environment,  good healthcare and positive support from family friends often leads to a fulfilling and productive lives.
  • Proper dieting often helps in controlling obesity because children with Down Syndrome generally have a slow metabolism rate,  eliminate all forms of food that contains gluten and casein,  no fizzy drinks / carbonated drinks.
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